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End to End Support

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CloudVBS provides end-to-end IT support services to your company.

CloudVBS is in the business of helping companies achieve their productivity goals. We enable companies like yours to streamline their business operations with secure and reliable automated systems, networks and business applications – staff downtime is reduced thanks to efficient business tools.

Cloud VBS offers a successful managed service partnership which allows you to depend on quality, reliability and flexibility. Our experience is a unique combination of industry knowledge with expertise in business process engineering and integration, which is carried out in the most cost efficient way to achieve a cost advantage.

Contact us today on 07 5502 8106 to ensure your business has the tools it needs to compete for tomorrow’s world. 

Managed Services

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Cloud VBS offers a successful managed service partnership which allows you to free up valuable IT resources and enables you to invest in activities that differentiate you from your competitors.

We understand that most business executives don’t have the time to dedicate to IT, that’s why our enterprise level solutions offer hosting of IT resources, monitoring and proactive management of your entire IT environment which includes desktops, servers, networks and more.

By utilizing a managed service provider you will be able to take advantage of having access to a leading technology professional with the flexibility and scalability of a tailor-made solution at a fraction of the cost of running your own IT department.

Once our IT solutions are in place, your business will enjoy the ongoing benefits of improved productivity.

Benefits include:

– Ongoing proactive maintenance
– Ongoing proactive monitoring and remediation
– 95% problem resolution on first call
– Monthly performance reports

Let us look after your IT infrastructure while you look after your business.

Give us a call on 07 5502 8106 to find out how we can work closely with you to make sure your particular needs are met 

Customised Applications

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CloudVBS is able to take manual business processes and shift those into streamlined and automated processes through Microsoft Power Apps and SharePoint.

Converting your business processes will save you time and money.  In one instance we were able to reduce a monthly manual business process that took staff 7 days to complete down to a few hours.

Contact us today to discover our wide range of fully customized IT support services 07 5502 8106.

Wordpress Websites

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CloudVBS prides itself in delivering high quality, great looking websites for its clients.  The websites are built on WordPress – an extremely stable and widely used platfom.  The clients website is a showcase for their company and is both modern, professional and meets the needs of the client.

Each website is custom built and delivered on time to a happy client.

Click here to view our portfolio.

For your free quote, contact us today on
07 5502 8106

IT & Remote Support

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At CloudVBS, we strive to ensure that your systems are always up and running and any issues are resolved quickly and accurately.

Our remote management tools allow us (with your permission) to remotely access your computers over the internet to help you resolve your issues immediatly with minimum down time.

We understand that your business relies on its computers, networks and business applications to function and down time is not an option.

CloudVBS offers its clients a fast and effective service that helps to resolve issues faster and in many cases prevents them from happening.

Our technicians are there for you every step of the way so that you don’t have to worry about losing money and wasting time trying to figure it out yourself.

Help is just a phone call away – 07 5502 8106

Click here to visit our support page.

Outsourced IT

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We understand that most small to medium sized businesses don’t have the resources to employ a full time IT professional.

Our outsourced IT service offers a tailor-made solution that suits your budget. A highly experienced IT professional will be available to manage, monitor and maintain all your IT needs and fit in with your schedule.

Contact us today on 07 5502 8106 to find out how you can gain the cost advantage of hiring an outsource IT professional. 

Cloud Computing

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Our goal is to make your business accessible to you wherever you are, whenever you want it.

Eliminate the hassle and costs associated with managing and maintaining your own equipment. With cloud computing solutions you will be able to free up limited resources and enjoy the benefits of a secure, enterprise level solution at a fraction of the cost.

This means you can:

– Do more with less
– Automatically scale capacity up or down as required
– Access business critical data anywhere, any time
– Reduce costs
– Improve business flexibility and productivity

Contact us today on 07 5502 8106 to ensure your business has the tools it needs to compete for tomorrow’s world. 

Project Management

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Implementing and installing IT solutions for your business has just become easier and more affordable.

CloudVBS will manage the entire process keeping you updated with simple and consistent communication and delivering the project within budget.

Now you will truly have more time to focus on running your business and less time worrying about your changing IT needs.

Contact us today on 07 5502 8106 to discuss the best IT solutions available for you. 

IT Consulting

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Our experienced IT specialists understand current and emerging technologies and how they impact small to medium businesses.

We offer cost effective solutions that leverage our industry experience and expertise and offer exceptional value by using our strong industry partnerships.  

Contact us today on 07 5502 8106 to find out how our IT consulting can provide you with solutions that increase productivity, reduce costs, improve resource utilization and expand IT capacity. 

VoIP Solutions

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Cloud VBS has a trusted VoIP partner who enables us to deliver cost effective VoIP solutions.

As all the copper phone lines are removed, all businesses will be required to shift over to VoIP solutions.

We offer Cloud Based PABX solutions, saving costs on hardware and providing greater flexibility and features often unavailable to smaller businesses.

We offer both a stand alone VoIP solution as well as a fully integrated soultion using Microsoft Teams calling.

Give us a call on 07 5502 8106 so we can align the right VoIP solution with your business.


NBN Services

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CloudVBS can assist you in obtaining a business grade NBN service which is backed by a 12-hour resolution SLA.

As you move more services to the Cloud having a reliable and fast internet line is cruicial to your business success.

Contact us today on 07 5502 8106 to discuss which NBN service is most suited to your business.

Collaboration Tools

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Microsoft Teams is an excellent collaboration tool that is integrated into the Microsoft 365 solution. We can assist you in obtaining the phone system which ties into Microsoft Teams, enabling you to use Teams as you phone service, chat service, online video meeting service and full collaboration tool.

Contact us today to see how Microsoft Teams can help your business in becoming more efficient and connected. Call us on 07 5502 8106.

There are very few businesses which can operate in today’s world without IT (Information Technology). As more and more services move online and into the cloud, having a trusted IT partner to ensure that you company data and IP is secure, available, reliable, and up and working is essential.

The world of IT is faced paced and ever changing and for most people it is challenging keeping up with what is best for their business. We have been providing top quality support to our clients in Australia since 2009 and have been working in the IT field for over 30 years.

We build robust IT environments that ensure that our clients can work effectively and efficiently.

In 2020 as Covid-19 created havoc around the world, every one of our clients was able to adjust and adapt to shifting their entire workforce from working in an office to working from home with limited down time and almost zero disruption to productivity.

Highly secure cloud solutions and robust infrastructure mean that you too could be adaptable in the changing times.

CloudVBS provides computer and IT services, that meet ITIL and SLA industry standards. With a clear focus on the energy and passion business owners inject into their businesses, we’ve combined business and technology in key areas such as Cloud Computing, IT Infrastructure, Managed Services, Support and IT Outsourcing so that we can define and customize what the future of IT looks like for you.

Whether you use a phone, tablet, laptop or traditional PC, these devices all need regular maintenance and security monitoring to ensure that they are running smoothly and are not vulnerable to attacks.



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What People Are Saying

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your do for us.

Our system is pumping, working well and we would not be where we are today without your support, time, energy and putting up with me – I am very appreciative and just wanted to say thank you !!

David Honeywill

Owner, Honeywill Consulting

“I would recommend Cloud VBS as they are professional and responsive.  They are willing to be creative in researching and coming up with non-standard solutions when asked to do so.”

Bo Husband

Owner, Husband Architects

“I would recommend Cloud VBS because they are specialists that are able to provide great IT support to a business at a good price.”

Mike Oliver

Owner, Account Smart

“Having just opened a new law firm I wanted to ensure that my computer operating systems were of the highest quality, reliable and most of all secure.  Eddy and Lynda from Cloud VBS took care of everything in a timely and efficient manner they even went so far as to consider my firms trust accounting needs and research of all the various packages to work out what would work best for my office.  The level of service and attention to detail afforded by Cloud VBS was … and still is outstanding, it is without hesitation that I recommend Cloud VBS.”times.”

Kristy Carter

Owner, Carter Lawyers

When selecting an IT company to service our business, one of the reasons we chose Cloud VBS is due to their ability to translate technical issues into “plain English” terms.  Since engaging their services, they have helped IT become more accessible, more reliable and provided us with a greater understanding of what is needed in today’s IT world.  Our company has grown a lot since engaging Cloud VBS and they have been able to handle everything that we have ‘thrown’ at them.  The biggest benefits that we have seen is the access to 24 hour help desk, hardware and software support and the translation of complex problems into easy to understand solutions.” 

Darren Loades

Owner, DR Loades Enterprises

“I had previous experience with Cloud VBS’s IT support service through a previous enterprise that I was involved with, and so when I formed my existing company they were a clear choice for me.    Being a small business we were price sensitive and having a clear understanding of the upfront and ongoing costs were very important to us.  Seamless operation of our IT systems is the major benefit I have seen since engaging with Cloud VBS.  I think the LACK of required support is probably a testament to the systems that are in place which means the business is not held captive by poor, underdeveloped and managed IT.  Cloud VBS has provided good communication and their fixed priced service offering is complete.”

David Jenkins

Owner, DLJ Financial Planning

“Our company was struggling with network and consistent system down times issues due to an expensive and unreliable server based IT solution.  We had heard about Cloud based solutions but feared that the costs to move our data and services would be high.   Cloud VBS did a thorough and well-presented assessment of our systems and proposed a move to the Cloud.   Cloud VBS was able to adapt standard systems to our particular way of working and the move to the cloud has been a positive one.  Our only hesitation was an increase in monthly fees, however since introducing cloud services to our business we have found that it represents value for money and a reduction in call out fees and system down time.  Network issues have gone from being a constant headache to being non-existent.  In addition, the managed security solution that Cloud VBS has implemented has meant that our workstations are all running quicker and smoother, and we have full confidence in the security of our system and network.  Cloud VBS is a friendly company with good communication skills and very prompt response times.”

Bo Husband

Owner, Husband Architects

The team at CloudVBS have consistently provided us with a highly responsive, professional and efficient service. The fast turnaround time, availability and enthusiasm they have for tackling complex tasks, particularly involving the roll-out and implementation of Office 365 products, continues to impress. This is a firm that pays attention to the client experience and I recommend their services without reservation.

Barry Eagar

Owner, Eagar and Associates

I would recommend Cloud VBS as they are personal, reliable, relevant, easy to understand and stay up to date and current with what is happening in the IT world.” 

Darren Loades

Owner, DR Loades Enterprises

“I think that a business of my size and type would not need to look any further than Cloud VBS’ service offering. I see IT as being like a referee in football….something that is vitally important but should be almost unseen and not the focal point.  Cloud VBS does this well!”

David Jenkins

Owner, DLJ Financial Planning

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Cloud VBS because they provide service in a fast and efficient manner.”

Ian Ogden

Owner, Ogden Insurance

“Cloud VBS was recommended to us by one of our branch offices, and we made the choice to engage their services as we believed that they had good technical capabilities, good customer relationship skills and a flexible approach.  Cloud VBS staff are always on hand and readily available.  They are very customer focused and have good internal communication skills.  The biggest benefits our company has seen since engaging the services of Cloud VBS is that the solutions proposed by them are always thoroughly researched and tested if possible.  The remote tools and management agents supplied by Cloud VBS which are deployed on our end user PC’s make it easy for our IT staff to provide support to our end users and stay more informed with regard to the health of the equipment.”

Colin Longworth

IT Manager, Insurance Advisernet Australia

“My business requires an IT company that is reliable and knows what they were talking about.  We are conscious about security and Cloud VBS helped us to work out a plan that would minimise risks.  The secure cloud based server provided by Cloud VBS allows us to work remotely from anywhere and we know that the server environment is consistently monitored for any issues. The service provided by Cloud VBS if fast and effective.  Issues are resolved quickly and if a more serious issue exists then they continue to work on this with priority to resolve it.” 

Mike Oliver

Owner, Account Smart

“The service provided by Cloud VBS is efficient and professional. Their IT experience and knowledge of the latest IT trends helps our business plan for the future.  It has been a pleasure working with them.”

Colin Longworth

IT Manager, Insurance Advisernet Australia

“We were having problems with our previous IT company and were looking for an IT company that would provide a high level of service and respond to our queries in a timely manner.  After meeting Eddy and Lynda from Cloud VBS we felt satisfied that they would be able to provide the service we were looking for.”

Ian Ogden

Owner, Ogden Insurance

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